Wales, England, Scotland

In Wales, young people aged 11-16, set up a group to increase our knowledge of Roma. We met other Roma young people online and went to their school. We asked the Welsh government to improve Roma inclusion in education. We organised for other Roma young people to come to our participation forum.
In Wales, in another group, we have produced presentations and visited schools to raise awareness of discrimination.
In England young people aged 16-19 got a group of Roma and non-Roma people together and did research to try to make changes in and around the college. We campaigned for a Bulgarian Roma boy, who was attacked, for his right to be seen as a equal. We raised funds for people who are homeless or in poverty, in our town.
In England a group of Gypsy and Traveller young people aged 11-19, set up a group to focus on education and discrimination. We made films about education and helped make a film about hate crime.

We interviewed young people, parents and workers. We visited educational establishments to see what opportunities were available. We attended a conference and presented our films and helped set outcome measures for our community. We delivered sessions with young people to learn their experiences of discrimination. We have also had the chance to meet with professionals in the local authority to raise awareness of discrimination.
In Scotland, the main action for change that a mixed group of young people and adults decided on was to set up a community safety Facebook page, to highlight the changes we wanted to see in the community. We also raised awareness of Gypsy and Traveller culture.