We chose to change our attitude regarding school, our behaviour, and to get along with our teachers
By getting involved in this you can gain experience, patience, learn about team work, how to be “all for one and one for all”

Romania, (site 1), we set up a group that highlights the importance of education for young people. We worked with one school and developed a drawing contest entitled ‘School of my Dreams.’

Romania, (site 2) we set up a group and organised a football match that the Craica community were to attend. We prepared for the match by personalising the equipment and organising a cheerleader dance. We also prepared the football field, cleaned the field and assembled the football gates.

Romania, (site 3), we set up a group and used a suggestion box for potential messages. We displayed a banner at the front of school and attended a local radio station to present our project and school.

Romania, (site 4) 8th grade, our group project was to organise a graduation ball. We prepared the event by making invitations for teachers and had a photo session in the central park. We received photo albums and photos taken throughout the project.

Romania, (site 5), our group was formed with young people that live on the garbage landfill. We attended cultural events (theatre, film, concerts), sports and civic actions. We built relationships with other Roma and non-Roma groups throughout the project.