Ireland, Dublin (group 1), aged 8-13, we set up a group that wanted to alter the perception of certain members of society towards traveller children. We wanted to tell the story of the Irish Traveller so that people would understand us and our customs. We used a storyboard to teach people about the travelling community, which highlighted our customs, habits and pride in our community. We also took photos of ourselves and things that were important to us to highlight the level of pride we feel. We organised a photographic display of these photos for our end of year celebration.

Ireland, Dublin (group 2), aged 8-13, our main aim as a group was to increase opportunities for participation of the Traveller and Roma community in our area. We made a plan and took it to our local county council.
Ireland (group 3), aged 13-16 our group wanted to set up a diversity committee in our school so people would understand the importance of every culture being recognised and valued and that people in our school would respect difference.