Participatory Practice Guide for Professionals

The guide is targeted at professionals and others seeking to enable and empower children and young people who live in vulnerable situations to participate more fully in decisions and actions that affect their lives. It has been developed using advice from young people and professionals about how to overcome some of the key challenges faced when facilitating participation with Roma children and young people. Although Roma children and young people contribute all the time through their participation in aspects of family and community life, some Roma children and youth are excluded from effective public participation, due not only to their age, but to a major part because of their economic status, social exclusion and ethnic prejudices. In countries across the European Union, some Roma children are subject to many social disadvantages that reduce their chances to influence processes, decisions and activities that affect them.

Whilst this guide (and associated project materials on this site) have emerged from the PEER project with Roma children and young people (particularly those facing multiple social and economic disadvantages) these resources are equally relevant to work that seeks to promote the participation and empowerment of any young people or groups who face similar experiences of marginalisation.

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