Ask Professionals to make changes

Support from professionals can help you achieve your goals. Professionals, like local government services, the heads of schools and colleges, the Children’s Commissioner, politicians, councillors, mayors and presidents, the people in the European Community and workers in your community can all help make changes happen. They can also give us advice on how to do things.

  • When you meet professionals show them the materials your group has produced.
  • We were listened to by the professionals we met. Sometimes it was hard, but eventually …we did it and we got the job done.
  • You could take photos and upload these to a closed group to show this evidence to local government service. You could write letters or meet and speak with people. You could work together to design changes in your community. Or send them your videos asking for change.
  • Don’t just talk about the bad things. Put the bad things and the good things in a balance.